>Abortion and the black market

>(REPOST FROM Monday, January 23, 2006)

Charles Johnson of the radgeek blog (http://radgeek.com/) reminds us that this month is the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
The memoirs he relays from Susan Brownmiller among others shows us that at one time abortion was an underground medical procedure, complete with cop evasion and the black market dangers that go along with it. Those that risked offering abortions, for a nominal fee, faced persecution and imprisonment. In this case, many of the black market operators offering a desired but prohibited “transaction” were ideologically inspired and predisposed to kindness toward the seeker of the abortion. But this isn’t always the case…
Let it be noted that a person’s right to do with their body what they will extends across a variety of acts – from abortion to reconstructive surgey and organ transplant – and that efforts to suppress these procedures is not only criminal (in the natural law sense of the word), but conducive to corruption among the suppressers and disproportionately high profit opportunities for the often dangerous people willing to “go into business”. With this forced undersupply of medical practitioners, the odds of finding a shady and dangerous character willing to perform are increased (as well as the $), as it is likewise more likely to find someone who has nothing to lose by being imprisoned.
Don’t turn back the clock on abortion. Self ownership: “A woman’s body, a woman’s choice”.

Currently reading : In Our Time: Memoir of A Revolution By Susan Brownmiller Release date: By 09 November, 1999


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