>The military as frat house

>(REPOST FROM Wednesday, February 22, 2006)

Laurence Vance of the Antiwar.com blog writes:

Hedonists with Guns

An ex-Marine wrote me with his opinion of the Marine Corps:”The Marine Corps is like a frat party in between the hard work. For the most part, they are irresponsible, alcoholic, sex addicts. The married Marines that I served with didn’t think twice about cheating on their spouses during deployments. And speaking of deployments, if the U.S. military ever gets disbanded, the worldwide brothel industry would shut down overnight. The behavior of my fellow Marines in Thailand I found to be utterly repulsive. What a shame it is to have de facto ambassadors of the United Statesi.e., the people whom ‘represent’ America to foreignersbehaving in such a way. Hedonists with guns. That’s the Marine Corps.”

I know some readers may have been in the military, so can they add a few words? A friend of mine had a brother who briefly experienced Marine basic training, and complained that “they wanted to make me a killer”. Well yea, that’s what militaries do. As for Thailand, I’ve heard stories involving people I know that can back up the idea of southeast Asia being pretty close to a glorified Discovery Zone for American pricks with dicks.
If anything is not “politically correct” (not in the 90s conservative sense, but in the practical political sense) right now, its denouncing the military. Or better (worse?) yet, denouncing the troops. Joel Stein of the LA Times can tell you that.
The Marines are apparently the toughest of the bunch, so I wouldn’t be surprised if their instincts to divide and conquer womens’ loins were on permanent guard duty. Some Marines I’ve met have seemed a bit more polished than your average neighborhood thug type fella, so in that sense I’d rather be perusing books at the library near a Marine, but it doesn’t seem as if they are anything like ambassadors of goodwill abroad…after the killing and smashing stops of course.

Currently reading : The New American Militarism : How Americans Are Seduced by War By Andrew Bacevich Release date: By 01 April, 2005


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