>The Impossibility of being Pro-War and Anti-Paternalist

>Are certain “liberventionists” listening?

The British Independent’s Patrick Cockburn reports that Iraqi Sunnis aren’t too keen on being partitioned off from the rest of the city “for their own good” by U.S. forces:

There seems little doubt that Sunnis in districts of Baghdad being isolated by the walls do not see them as designed for their own protection. Banners carried by demonstrators yesterday proclaimed, “Separation is a big prison for al-Adhamiyah citizens” and “Children in al-Adhamiyah want a Baghdad without walls”.

But I suppose that if even the go-to-guy for individualist minded liberalism, John Stuart Mill, can make a case for imperialism for folks not yet “civilized” enough to bear the responsibility of self-determination, then so can the Cato Institute.


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