>Myspace Profiles of Interest to Libertarians

>Those I’ve created thus far:

1. Voltairine de Cleyre

2. Benjamin Tucker

3. Thomas Szasz

4. Christopher Lasch

I understand that Christopher Lasch isn’t particularly “libertarian”, and in fact was quite critical of consumerism, neo-liberalism and the homo economicus branch of conservatism (and indeed there is much to criticize), but I’m hot off of reading The True and Only Heaven, which I found fascinating. Though I didn’t expect him to present a sophisticated and scholarly critique of the expansion of state power in the US from a staunch libertarian perspective, his critique of mass democracy supported by a globally ambitious form of consumerism – given concrete form by the coercive spread of an American state capitalism via war, the IMF, etc. – is extremely insightful. His exploration into the critics of “Progress” – populists, radicals, small businessman and others who fought, and fight, the “historical tide” of bigness in industry and remote government – will obviously strike a chord with the more radical libertarians out there, left and right.


One thought on “>Myspace Profiles of Interest to Libertarians

  1. >Hey Dain,How’re you doing, man? Have you moved to SJSU yet?I ran across your comment on Will Wilkinson’s blog and realized you were the guy I had met at the IHS seminar.Hope everything’s going well.Sameer

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