>City of Widows and the Rebuke to Colonial Feminism


The book’s author is Haifa Zangana, former prisoner of Saddam Hussein. Her imprisonment is especially worth noting, as she’s critical of the idea that being on Saddam’s hit list grants one moral legitimacy in supporting US plans to brutalize and occupy foreign populations. Zangana takes fellow prisoner Esra Naama to task for assuming precisely this “privilege”. I’ll refer readers to this review by Jennifer Wilson at Feminist Review, from which this is drawn:

She gives a scathing account of government funded NGOs, like the WFFI (Women for a Free Iraq), launched publicly in 2003, whose primary role is to support the Bush Administration’s line on the war in Iraq. She criticizes that they chose “to present the human rights case for intervention in Iraq,” when the case for war was thin. Thus they chose to be the female face of the invasion, and came to be seen by most Iraqis as colonial feminists… who “spared little concern for their sisters who would suffer.” And, “while Baghdad was being shaken to its foundations by B52 bombings… members of the WFFI made more than 200 media appearances, including an interview with Barbara Walters to “offer their support to President Bush for his principled leadership.”


One thought on “>City of Widows and the Rebuke to Colonial Feminism

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