>A Compendium of Recent Anti-Anti-Chinese (Government?) Articles


Justin Raimondo at Anti-War.Com:

The hosting of the Olympic Games in Beijing is the focus of much pride in China, seen by the people as well as the ruling caste as symbolic of the nation’s arrival in modernity. As such, the worldwide protests and political posturing of preening politicians – from Pelosi to Nicolas Sarkozy – are bitterly resented and have been met with increasingly shrill denunciations by the Chinese state-controlled media – a sentiment that probably understates popular resentment of Western criticism in the Chinese “street.”

My favorite quote:

Traveling all the way to India, at taxpayers’ expense, Madam Speaker [Pelosi] visited with the Dalai Lama at Dharamsala and announced that if Americans don’t speak out against Beijing’s repression in Tibet “we have lost all moral authority to speak on behalf of human rights anywhere in the world.”

Ha! Right, only now, with the frightfully neglectful attitude of some silent number of Americans of “please, it’s none of our business!”, do Americans risk losing “all moral authority to speak on behalf of human rights anywhere in the world”. It’s the constant talk of human rights coupled with a muscular policy of military humanitarianism that has earned Americans so much hate and anger to begin with. The built-in hypocrisy of a practiced “benign” hegemony is too much to bear.

Here’s Russell Berman at Telos:

So: why do they hate China? The answer is complex. Arabs kill Africans and China is treated as the primary culprit. Westerners seek spiritual enlightenment and romanticize Tibetan poverty. China has become capitalist, which plenty find offensive: China-bashing is the new anti-capitalism. Inexpensive Chinese exports, which keep prices down for U.S. consumers, are strangely seen as harmful. And there must be some element of traditional racism in this too.

It isn’t as simple as Arabs killing Africans (nor Muslims killing Christians, though the Christian wing of the Save Darfur movement would disagree), but whatever.

And here is Brendan O’Neill, with possibly the most damning criticism, at Sp!ked:

Leaving aside the disturbing physical features of the Chinese in the Free Tibet Campaign’s postcard, it is also striking that the image depicts the Chinese as pollutants. It shows expressionless, militarised Chinese riding a train into Tibet and pumping thick smog into the environment. Again, the Chinese have for a long time been shown as a singularly destructive force, indeed as a ‘pollutant’ that threatens the moral integrity and ecological purity of the countries they ‘invade’. For example, the Australian cartoon directly above, first published in The Bulletin in 1886, shows ‘the Mongolian Octopus’ strangling moral goodness in Australia by introducing such terrible things as ‘cheap labour’, ‘immorality’ and ‘opium’.


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