>Pictures From Boston: Critical Review’s Post-APSA Conference on Political Ignorance and Dogmatism, August 29-31st

>These pictures are rather, well, crappy. But I offer them nonetheless.

I’ll be doing a write-up on the conference for The Art Of The Possible blog in the near future, but for now “enjoy” the following:

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel, from my room. Built in 1927, and triangle shaped, it reminded me of the film Dark City.

How nice is this? It’s got the clean streets of, say, Phoenix, but with the charm of San Francisco (and Boston).
A pleasant Boston park, very near my hotel. This New England city has a somewhat European style to it, with alot of brick and lush green public spaces.

The exhibit hall at the meeting of the American Political Scientists Association, where “exhibit A” is a load of heady reading material from various universities, think tanks and (mostly mainstream) commercial publishing houses. If you squint you’ll see the banner for The Nation magazine, where the gentleman “standing guard” was charitably offering what were not supposed to be free copies of the recent Obama themed double issue.

The classiest Dunkin’ Donuts establishment I’ve ever seen. They’re all over the east coast from what I can tell, and in the midwest too. Out here in California they are few and far between, with the product relegated mostly to grocery store shelves as a not-at-all-chic take home coffee.
Bogdan Enache, all the way from Romania, resigned to stand before a dumpy picture taker in a humid Boston subway station. Currently a writer for a weekly in Bucharest, he’s also written this recent piece for the Mises Institute, on world food prices.
Don’t hold him responsible for the inquiry to his left.
At the podium is Jeffrey Friedman, editor of Critical Review and conference organizer. Moving right is Tom Hoffman of Spring Hill College, Russel Muirhead of the University of Austin in Texas, and Mark Pennington of the University of London. Look forward to a lengthy rebuttal to Bryan Caplan’s thesis in The Myth of the Rational Voter in a future issue of Critical Review. But in the meantime, see this.

Up front and on the right (and “blinded by the light”) is Mike Murakami of UC Berkeley, currently doing independent research on public opinion. Just to his right is Nigel Ashford of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. Assorted others…


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