>Pictures from Manattan

>I spent 2 days and 3 nights in NYC recently. The point was to attend, in full, the Telos conference on New Administration: War, Class and Critical Theory. There’s more in that title than I can rightfully chew on, given that my interests don’t lie in political philosophy per se, much less Critical Theory. Matt Mueller has a discussion of CT here.

I ended up extremely late, due to a 12 hour train ride down from Rochester that was supposed to be about 7. I decided to sleep in rather than attend the entire conference, seeing as how I was receiving no academic credit for it (yes, I bought a ticket, but that came with a year long subscription to the journal, so it’s still worth it). I caught the last two lectures by Adrian Pabst and Ernie Sternberg, the latter of whom delivered a neoconservatish spiel on “Left Fascism.” As for Pabst, I’ve written about him here.

Photoshoot, fashion and pose (and mini boombox) looking to be circa 1990.

Kereem, from Turkey, bartender at a place called The Porch in the East Village. The dj is from Turkey too, and it turned out the owner of a recommended hot spot (not a wi-fi hot spot) down the street called Nu Blu is also Turkish. Kereem and I discussed the AK party in Turkey, which is getting kudos in some corners for challenging the anti-democratic Kemalist military rule in the country – the only institution supposedly protecting secularism in Turkey – though some are skeptical of the AK party, believing it to have a religious agenda.

Ahistorical propaganda by a subway entrance.

Dengue Fever performing on what looks like cable access, live in NYC somewhere.

The soft paternalism of the pragmatic age, in which questions of democracy and economy are supplanted by an administered freedom which, apparently, holds that young men need to eat better, be more academic and, rather amorphously, “respect” women.


The Telos conference, held in the beautiful Puck building at NYU. Adrian Pabst in the center, back, with Ernie Sternberg to his right.


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