My Article at In Mala Fide on Libertarianism Running Aground on the Shores of Lake Alliance

Can be read here.


Whatever momentum libertarianism built up during the Bush pt. 2 years has by now been declared DOA – or just plain dead, because it never in fact arrived. As it turned out, the Left that so many of my libertarian brethren had been trying to woo, due to their shared disdain for neo-conservatism and the alleged mutual embrace of the right to put whatever you want into your lungs, veins and nose (and mouth, though said “whatever” in this case ranges from burgers to ____), was all the while just as shocked and awed by the old conservatism. Sure, the isolationist streak was an interesting footnote for a Lefty with a cursory interest in Contemporary Conservative Studies, but just as Ron Paul garners a morbid curiosity on the part of the media today, so too did the more anti-Bush pt.2 Righty set during the reigning years of Neo-chi-con-nery. Consider the presence of the antiwar right in Bay Area protests circa 2005 a novel field study for our modern day Margaret Meads.


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