Politix Gets Love From American Journalism Review

You can read it here. I get name-dropped, which is nice. I tried to get Critical Review name-dropped by extension, but the author and/or editor of the piece didn’t go for it.

The headline represents the aspirations of Politix more so than it does reality, because our readers, or at least full-time commenters, appear to be overwhelmingly conservative. This is no doubt due to the red state rural and suburban user base that make up Topix, from which most of our users are drawn.

The site’s writers are a mixed bag, however. Let frequent site user “Bobolinsky” break down the political tilt of the site’s four contributors as he sees it:

@RAWalker– It happens… It’s Michael Mayday’s day off. He’s the conservative/libertarian… Dain is the center-left staff writer and Mary is the Far Left Senior Editor. David’s the new boss and he’s center-left as well.

I won’t quibble with my description as “center-left” despite my having written for John Derbyshire’s outlet, but I suppose I could give off that vibe in the subtle ways that non-partisan, more journalist(ic) writing allows. I’ve definitely moved further left on economics, and for admittedly subjective reasons having to do with the reality of intermittent, low-paying work in an everyone’s-their-own-boss-isn’t-that-great freelance economy. I’ve indulged so deeply in that whole POV that I’m even a fan of the muckrakers at The Exiled, a possibly bad habit picked up from my time at the now defunct In Mala Fide. (For an entertaining foray into media courtesy of the guys at The Exiled, check out this back n’ forth between the site’s anti-libertarian Connor Kilpatrick and FreedomWorks’ Austin Petersen. It views like a tiff between a polished propagandist and a guy just callzin’ likes he sees it. Is that pure mood affiliation on my part? Probably.)

Anyway, as for the other parts of one’s political identity – the “cultural” stuff – well, that doesn’t come up much on a site devoted to Politics with an “x.” It’s all jobs, jobs, jobs, gas prices and the horse race. But here’s something.


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