Visual Evidence of Doomed “Liberaltarianism”

As if the notion of a progressive-libertarian alliance needed any more flaying, see the sign-holder below from the recent NYC shindig on capitalism and climate change (screenshot via Reason).

The more thoughtful libertarians like to make a distinction between the free market and capitalism, with some even proclaiming to be “free market anti-capitalists.” And these are precisely the libertarians who’ve attempted to appeal to progressives. Sadly for them, the bright young thing below has latched on to the term “free market” and mashed it all up with “capitalism,” obliterating the subtle distinction between the two some libertarians would like to claim exists – and adding “genocidal” to boot.

The hair-splitting that goes on with terminology is missing a huge cultural element to what animates the left. Profit, business, and all that anti-humanistic bean-counting, “crony” or not, is synonymous with white racism, they believe. And no amount of harping about true, pure and authentically free markets – contra big fat Really Existing Corporations or whatever – will change that.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.27.56 PM (2)


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