In an Alternate Universe Progressives are…

…singing the praises of a diverse Silicon Valley. After all, Asian-Americans are greatly overrepresented there, which is a huge win for diversity when you consider that Asians – stretching from India to Korea – represent roughly half the world’s population. But as occurred to me while watching a Bloomberg TV segment in which Asian-Americans in Silicon Valley were mentioned as merely an afterthought to SV’s “diversity problem,” nobody much cares about this particular form of non-white representation. But it’s massive:


This gets to another point. Discussions of X race’s representation in X industry to make the point of (an implicitly unjust) racial disparity will often shift from general representation to e.g. representation among the leadership or executive class. And if that manages to make the numbers look OK, then references will be made to a firm’s user base (e.g. Twitter vis-a-vis African-Americans) to suggest bias, if percentages within company/without company aren’t roughly comparable.

I’m not sure if it’s the media’s basically negative orientation or progressives’ at work here. Likely “diversity” doesn’t mean what it appears to mean, taken at face value. One possibility for the prevailing narrative regarding Silicon Valley and diversity is the idea that capitalism and racism go hand-in-hand. While it doesn’t in fact work out this way in an age of globalization, the temptation to link a highly visible and well-heeled industry (or what PandoDaily calls “the new power”) to bigotry is too great for many a left-leaning journalist to resist.


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