Yes, Even Polyamorous Drug Users are Conservative

Let me explain.

I’m inspired to write after reading libertarian David Friedman’s comment at Slate Star Codex, the blog run by a rationalist, polyamorous defender of hedonism who is nonetheless critical of today’s leftism. Friedman writes:

Scott [Alexander] clearly isn’t a conservative. He’s not too far from the position of the Bleeding Heart Libertarians, but hasn’t identified as part of that group. He has a leftish feel but clearly doesn’t identify with the organized left.

I’m afraid this still isn’t enough to spare Scott the “conservative” tag, even if wildly off the mark given the meaning of the term historically. That’s because right now, in 2015, everything hinges on identity politics. Scott gets minus points for being white, and into women, and his efforts at rationalism are becoming synonymous with insensitive male-ism. You might’ve noticed there’s a revolt underway against the practitioners of abstraction and thinking for its own sake, due to their inherent disregard for the race and gender of those participating. For the largely white and male rationalist crowd, the conversation is more important than who’s doing the conversing. But progressives disagree.

They’ll see your deconstruction of Gödel and raise you a “but, you’re a dude.”

(As you can see from this map, the rationalists are included among the “neo-reactionary” movement, though dubbed techno-commericalists/futurists. That’s no coincidence, but it says more about the unity of the left than the coherency of the NRx ideological eco-system. There’s nothing inherently reactionary about tech boosters.)

The staff of trendy, lefty site Upworthy.

But beyond the identity politics uber alles at work, there’s been a gradual pushback against hedonism among the young and educated, something I’ve noticed here in the Bay Area (and of course “as California goes, so goes….”). If not a revolt, it’s at least a kind of jaded indifference bordering on mild hostility of the familiarity-breeds-contempt variety. Lifestyle liberalism is so standard ’round these parts that you may as well consider it the status quo. Do-what-you-want expressive individualism is the establishment. Channeling Slavoj Zizek, there’s a recognition that sex and drugs and rock n’ roll is practically an imperative of every American at this point. The left is beginning to strike out at that – and its essentially libertarian core.

So with me-first fun so standardized, one gains no points anymore for what in the 80s would have been a righteous “Fuck You” to the Moral Majority. One gets points now for political leftism, not lifestyle leftism. Partly because the latter doesn’t allow leftism to distinguish itself from mere libertarianism, which is synonymous with consumerism, corporate propaganda, and the modal (read: fuddy-duddy) American.

In the same way that Burning Man is now considered an almost literal parade of douchery, polyamorous white guys who smoke weed invoke meh.

Perusing OKCupid, I’ve seen enough backlash against Burning Man and poly types to be certain that fans of these things are increasingly unfashionable. In fact they often look 90s, come to think of it, i.e. passé. Fishnet stockings, platform shoes, hot pink hair, the whole cyber-goth look – it’s out of date. (And that super tall Dr.Suess-style top hat? How Marilyn Manson!) The millennials writing for Salon are buttoned-down, educated – they kissed a lot of teachers’ ass on their way to getting that degree – and perfectly yuppie. But it’s the pierced weirdos who are often to their “right,”* even when the assignment of the “right-wing” label to such individuals is demonstrably wrongheaded. At least by most people’s standards. So why the tag? Because, well, these people aren’t lefty. Or not exactly. Above all, they’re not modern progressives. Their ideology is often very idiosyncratic, scattershot, individualist…and contrarian.

No, he's not a broke hippie. He's no Hare Krishna either. He's a rich tech entrepreneur.
No, he’s not a broke hippie. He’s a rich tech entrepreneur.

As Corey Robin, a currently in-vogue Marxist/progressive thinker explains it, the “beyond left and right” descriptor – a label perhaps appropriate for these ideologically lonely libertarians, e.g. – has always been code for some kind of reactionary. Because you see, anyone not on board with grown-up Marxism – or in this case, the Salon crowd – is “objectively capitalist,” because they sap energy from what should be a united lefty movement. It doesn’t matter if such people are more convincingly against the status quo. Indeed, it’s communists today who come to the defense of teachers unions, while the right wants to burn the whole educational-industrial complex to the ground.

The raucous and heterodox New Left is now most at home, at least in its political economy form, on the libertarian “right.”

Progressives of course don’t like creationists and bible-thumpers. But Rick Santorum and his ilk aren’t really the relevant enemy for them. Not anymore. It’s the generally liberal – but insufficiently progressive – libertarian in the office who represents the biggest threat. And to a lesser extent any wayward, off-script lefty or old-fashioned liberal. And they’ve only just begun taking them on. The narcissism of minor differences may one day explode into a genuine chasm.

*Note the industrial/goth aesthetics at Trigger Warning, a site whose core mission is demolishing the pop-progressive zeitgeist

UPDATE: Though Mr. Alexander in the comments here was upset to be described as one among a broadly de facto group of conservative writers who share in common a disdain for the modern left, he immediately went on, the very next day, to launch a long criticism of SJW discourse on his blog. Yes, his post is balanced by criticism of mirror-image style discourse on the right, but my point (see original post) is that this above-it-all, even-handed take is exactly what’s being jettisoned by a new kind of partisan and (at least rhetorically) militant left. They consider it just so much Enlightenment-style BS that only white dudes enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Yes, Even Polyamorous Drug Users are Conservative

  1. Go away.

    I support gay marriage, abortion, drug legalization, universal free contraception, transgender rights, trigger warnings, shorter jail sentences, strong action against global warming, solar energy subsidies, negotiating with Iran, increased immigration, animal rights, assisted suicide, and universal basic income ie throwing money at poor people.

    Your only proof that I’m conservative is that I’m white and I find social justice warriors annoying. But 70% of Americans are white, and *everybody* finds social justice warriors annoying, including other social justice warriors.

    As for “rationalists”, on the most recent survey 64.7% identified as “liberal”, “social democrat” or “communist”, compared to only 4.5% identifying as “conservative”. When you ask *actual* reactionaries what they think of rationalists, they say:

    “Originally a very interesting community around the art of human rationality, i.e. how to think real good, it left its political back door open to increasing levels of Social Justice entry: polyamory, cuddle piles, anti-racism, anti-sexism, identity politics, feminism, socialism, open borders, sex work, etc. As far as I can tell, for a large number of LWers, the community is more or less continuous with standard Tumblr Social Justice.”

    In other words, you don’t know what you’re talking about and I refuse to be dragged into whatever you’re doing here.

    • Scott, you cannot tell someone to go away when he is on his own blog.

      Poor, poor Scott. The ever leftwards movement continually threatens to leave you behind.

      Due the narcissism of small differences, you will be executed for being an extreme right wing racist sexist defender of slavery for blacks and de-emancipation for women before I will, even though I actually argue for welfare blacks and similar such to sold into chattel slavery, and for women to have the legal status of children till menopause, and you do not argue that.

      Though I expect to see wholesale forced castrations for heterosexual males before they open the death camps.

  2. Wow that was quick!

    Go away? Well, I posted here and instead of commenting on your blog. But I’m a fan of your blog, and of you.

    Anyway I’m getting at how you and the rationalist crowd is being perceived (e.g. Steve Sailer is now a frequent commenter at your blog, as is David Friedman) not agreeing that such perception is correct. Most of your newfound fame lately is coming from the right (Google search). But this post is barely about you, actually.

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